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BluEmber Books is an author services company that offers premium editing and design services. We are not a publisher, nor do we promise to get your book to market. We support YOU, the author, through helping you put your best book forward. If you’re pursuing the self-publishing route (which is likely why you're here), we can assist you in setting up your publication accounts with either IngramSpark (over 40,000+ distribution channels) or Amazon KDP (most popular and hassle-free.)
At BluEmber Books, we will guide you through every step of the publishing process to completion. We love helping authors produce high-quality products at reasonable costs as a turn-key service.

About Me

Ameenah is the author of six published books. She has helped numerous authors in various genres self-publish. She has been a ghostwriter for CEOs and writers and is also the founder of BluEmber Books. She has a B.A in Communications and English and an M.S in Psychology. With almost ten years of experience in the self-publishing world, Ameenah works tirelessly to guide and support fellow authors to help them produce a book they can be proud of showing. She’s your first point-of-contact and oversees a lot of the foundation work in book production.

ツ Ameenah Marshall, Founder, BluEmber Books

Our Team

The first novel Mechani ever read on his own was Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back by Shel Silverstein. He was given the book by his mother, who decided it was time for him to read on his own. That book stuck out to him because it was the first time that he connected with a character—like Lafcadio, he also felt like he just didn’t belong anywhere. From then on, he never put books down. Mechani graduated with a B.A. in Communications and English and has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. Mechani has also worked as an editor for various newspapers, friends, and family for over seven years. He prides himself on working closely with authors to transform their manuscripts into polished works of art.
ツ Mechani, Editorial

Elani will guide you through the production process. She understands that every book has a unique vibe and deserves to stand out. Her eight years of experience in the publishing industry have focused on hybrid and self-publishing, freelance writing, and editing. Elani loves editing (and reading) every genre, but has a special place in her heart for YA and literary fiction. She holds a B.A in Creative Writing and Publishing.
♥ Elani, Editorial Assistant

Bria has been designing books for more than ten years and has always been ahead of the game when it comes to graphic design, typesetting, interior layout, and ebooks. Bria understands the publishing requirements for both print and eBooks through Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Lulu, and other distributors. Bria also knows that books should have an easy-to-read interior using the right design elements, layout, and fonts for the subject matter and genre. Since graduating from Skidmore College, Bria has worked in a variety of industries and understands the book market. She is an expert in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop and has a versatile usage of photography and illustration, typography and fonts, mature color sensibility, and explorative design sensibility.
♥ Bria, Graphic Design


You've done the writing, now let us take care of the rest.
Let us help you publish a book that gets noticed!

Proofreading is needed when you need a second set of eyes to glance over your work quickly. These edits focus more on the details of mechanics and grammar. Here, we are focused more on the following:

  • Making sure the novel is neat and tidy for publication

  • During this step, we will not do any rewriting

  • We will only let you know if a sentence needs a rewrite

Developmental editing is needed when you’ve just finished a book, and you need to understand the overall idea of your work better. We will read through and make sure it follows a good arc and that the characters stay consistent throughout the story. We will also consider the following:

  • Conflict and tension

  • Pacing & Plot issues

  • Point-of-view problems

  • Showing versus telling

  • Point out unnecessary scenes

Copyediting is needed after you have received serious revisions and feedback from either a beta reader or an editor. It’s a more in-depth edit going line-by-line to perfect sentences that need further development. We focus on the following here:

  • Incorrectly structured sentences

  • Misspelled words

  • Typographical errors

  • Fix formatting

  • Check facts and repetition

  • Keep an eye on consistency

  • Address awkward dialogue

  • Rewrite clunky sentences

  • Vary your word choice

Cover Art

Design a well-designed, professional-quality cover for your book. You will choose from three cover concepts based upon images that YOU provide.

  • Formatted in Adobe Photoshop

  • Barcode (from your existing ISBN)

  • 3D mockup included

  • Back & spine included

  • Paperback design

Book Blurbs

Are you having trouble writing the back description (blurb) of your book? Capture your reader’s attention and tell your story using a catchy description and emotion with a blurb that is clear, concise, and to the point.

  • Create an eye-catching description for your back cover

  • Speak directly to your readers before they buy your book

  • Increase sales, get more reviews and move up the charts

  • Convince your audience to take a chance on you

Print Formatting

You've done the writing, let us take care of the rest. Publish a book that gets noticed!!!

  • First print run service

  • Flat rate typesetting services

  • Aesthetically pleasing pages

  • We use Adobe InDesign (no templates)

  • We offer page samples to preview our work

  • Print-ready .pdf to upload to your chosen distributor

ebook Formatting

Get top-notch ebook formatting with carefully laid-out text, active hyperlinks, clickable TOC, and a quick turnaround.

  • Print-quality accepted by all online distributors

  • Formatted from scratch (no templates)

  • Sell your ebook anywhere

  • Responsive communication

  • Fast turnaround

Marketing Materials

Indie authors need functional and effective promotional materials. Having 3d promos, bookmarks, and author kits will set you apart from the rest. Here's what it includes:

  • Metadata keyword research assistance

  • Professional book description

  • 3d cover mockups

  • Social media ad copy

  • Author Media Kit

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